2014 Regional Educational Seminar Funding

EB #16 -14

Motion by Sean O’Kane, Treasurer, seconded by Gail Kendall RD to approve funding for reimbursement of Regional Educational Seminar(s). Proposed as a one-time expense, Regional Seminars are sanctioned events intended to strengthen member knowledge and skills, these events are considered a service to our members, and not a profit or income producing event.

Background — We have experienced ample success in the past hosting educational seminars which were well received by our membership. Regional Educational Seminars may be held in conjunction with a Regional event, or as a free standing event. Each Regional Director has the capacity to spend up to $1,500 within their Region(s). Regional Directors will be responsible for allocating the funds. The money is dedicated as a not-for-profit event, and must be offered for all USCA members to participate.

(The Host/club is encouraged to sell food, beverages, and memorabilia items, as a profit)

Educational Seminars must meet the following requirements:

Vote result: 18 YES. (Jim Alloway, Frank Phillips, Michele Scarberry, Sean O’Kane, Nathaniel Roque, Karen MacIntyre, Mike Diehl, Deb Krsnich, Dennis VanderLinde, Jen Acevedo, Mark Hamilton, Scott Hedger, Pedro Jimenez, Gail Kendall, Dena McGowan, Craig Paulus,  Mark Scarberry, Don Yelle) 

2 No reply (Claudia Romard, Arthur Collins)

Motion carried September 3, 2014.