Announcement From DOJ Nathaniel Roque

I’m proud to announce USCA’s first official RH only Judge, Ms. Stephanie Dunion, USCA Judge for RH 1-2, BH and AD.

With the RH program growing and USCA being the only official full member Breed Club of the IRO in the United States and the continued development of RH in the SV/WUSV as a sport and suitability test and the RH 2 now accepted for Breed Survey. We felt it important to remain in the front leading this new title and developing special judges to meet our needs.

All USCA Judges may award the RH 1 title as we had originally in 2002 had a seminar with SV Judge Walter Hoffman and then again a few years ago for all of our USCA judges to prepare them to properly evaluate and award the RH1 title.

Ms Stephanie Dunion has completed an approved apprenticeship to allow her to award the RH 1 & 2 titles as well as AD and BH at any USCA event.
The guidelines to allow a judge to award a RH 2 title require that they have trained and titles at least 2 dogs to RH2 Level this experience as well as her apprenticeship have more than prepared her to be granted this Probationary license for RH 1 & 2, AD and BH.

Stephanie has been our USCA SV liaison for more than 15 years and is the official translator for the IRO as well as working hand in had with the SV to develop and implement their version of RH as a sporting title. This is the same direction that USCA is following.

Please feel free to schedule her for your RH trials ( these may also include BH and AD). You may contact Stephanie via email or cell phone 215-275-7825

There will be an RH page added to our website and Information and FAQ will be posted there ASAP in the meantime feel free to contact her or the Assistant or the Director of Judges for more information

Along with adding our first RH” Judge, Steffanie Dunion to the USCA Judges College to award RH 1-2,AD and Bh recognized titles only. We also have USCA Conformation/Breed Master and Trial Judge Karen MacIntyre who has also completed the international standard requirements to award RH 1-2 titles.

Both of these judges have titled 2 or more dogs to RH 2 as well as meeting all other requirements to earn their judges licenses.

All USCA Performance Judges may award the RH 1 title in addition to all other accepted USCA working titles ( IPO-APr,FH,STp, BH and AD).

But at this time only USCA Judges Karen MacIntyre and Steffanie Dunion may award the RH 2 title.

Congratulations to both of them for meeting the additional requirements to be RH 2 Judges.


Nathaniel Roque

Director of Judges