Warren Jones

"no really … full points … for a hold and bark!"

Warren Jones

Warren Jones

You can read his obituary that his wife wrote for the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Warren Jones obituary

As the family noted —

…please treasure your memories of Warren and think of him often as you laugh, tell stories, talk dogs, drink a good beer, listen to music, play with your dog, eat hotter ‘n’ hell Mexican or Indian food, or enjoy a good chicken-fried steak. Play on, Warren, and ROCK THE HOUSE!

Warren’s family has established a scholoarship fund in his name at the University of Montanta. Details for donations are at end of his obituary. There is a link on that page on an on-line guest book if you wish to leave a short remembrance for the family.  There will be no official memorial service for Warren.

It is with great sadness and heavy heart that I announce the passing of our own USCA Judge/Member/Competitor/Friend Warren Jones.

Hopefully we can find some solice in knowing that his fight with a horrible disease was noble, and that he will no longer suffer. He was a great person and will be missed.

Although I didn’t get the chance to know Warren as well as I’d have like, I’ll never forget my first meeting with Warren …

Warren was the long-down judge in Iowa at the 2009 Nationals … I put my dog Tino in the long down and walked into the blind … I asked Warren if he was still down (As many of you know, this was always a challenge with Tino) … Warren said, “yep, looks great!” Just then, Tino started barking. Although he never broke position, Tino barked INTENSELY and CONTINUOUSLY until I picked him up. As I heeled past Warren, he proudly and confidently announced, “full points!” I obviously knew he was joking. I looked over and grinned at him … Warren continued … “no really … full points … for a hold and bark! Perfectly witty, kind, and gentle all wrapped up in a few light-hearted words that uniquely and precisely captured a moment.

Our thoughts are with Warren’s family and close friends during this difficult time.

— USCA President Jim Alloway