United Schutzhund Clubs of America Video

Special thanks to Shelley Timmerman, Brian Aghajani, Donna Haynes, Elizabeth Kreitler, and Daphne Carey for providing many of the photos and video clips used.

Thank you, also, to our USCA members who submitted photos and gave permission for their pictures to be used in this project. Thank you to the USCA Membership Committee for collecting and compiling materials, and for producing the script and voice-over for the video.

THANKS to Carissa Kuehn, John Bochenek, and Sondra Rolison without whom this would not have been possible! The video was created and produced by WCTV19, the award-winning Broadcasting Team at Whitney High School in Rocklin, CA. A big thank you to WCTV19, to program director Benjamin Barnholdt, and to student volunteer Natalie M., who worked tirelessly to create this product.