Our Deepest Sympathy

Our condolences go out to the family of Phyllis Dobbs who has passed away after seven months of hospitalization.

Phyllis was one of CARDA’s founding members.  The very first CARDA meeting was held in her home in 1976.

Phyllis together with Willy, Grundherr and Bev Peabody, initiated disaster work in CARDA.  They received CARDA’s first avalanche dogs certified by instructor Urs Ochsenbein, from Switzerland.

Phyllis bred under the kennel name Kreigerhaus and trained and titled her own breeding.  She successfully participated in numerous dog sports: Schutzhund, rally, conformation, barn hunt, tracking and hearding.  Phyliss was a USCA WUSV Team member with BHOT Kreiger v Kreigerhaus.