New USCA Full Liscensed and Probationary Judges

Andrea Duggan – New USCA Full Licensed Judge

Robert Johantgen – New USCA Probationary Judge

Andrea Duggan

Robert Johantgen

Andrea Jantzen

Andrea with her dog.

Robert Johantgen

Robert with his dog at the 2007 SW Regionals.

It is my pleasure to announce that USCA Judge Andrea Duggan has completed all probationary judge’s license requirements and has been awarded her full “USCA Trial Judges License” effective 5/1/2013. This has been approved by the USCA Judges Committee as well as the vote by the USCA General Board at the 2012 General Board Meeting.

Congratulations Andrea!

Based on her completion and full license by USCA Andrea will also be awarded a GSSCC License since she is a resident and member of that organization, this clears up any confusion on FCI / WUSV rule that a judge must hold license in their country of residence. Andrea will continue to hold her USCA license and when scheduled to judge at USCA events it will be under that license.

I’m happy and proud to announce that Mr Robert (Bob) Johantgen has completed his apprenticeship to become a USCA Trial Performance Judge. Bob has been approved unanimously by the USCA Judges Committee after review of his apprenticeship and reports to receive his probationary license.

I have had the pleasure to work directly with Bob during his apprenticeship and believe that he will be an asset to our Judges College. He can immediately be scheduled for club level trials by the following contact information.

Robert Johantgen