X-Rays for SV HD/ED evaluations


If submitting x-rays to the USCA office for processing of the HD/ED evaluations, a letter from your veterinarian on his/her letterhead stating the following, is now required.

  1. Confirmation from the veterinarian that he/she verified the identity of the dog presented to them by means of the tattoo and/or microchip number, dog’s full registered name, and registration number.
  2. Notation from the veterinarian stating whether or not he/she sedated the dog for the x-ray procedure.
  3. Authorization (signatures) from the owner/co-owner(s) that all information within the identification plate AND within the veterinarian’s letter has met their approval to be forwarded onto the SV office in Germany for processing.

**If the above information is not provided along with the HD/ED x-rays, they can not be processed**

Please (click) on form link below to download.  Please print, fill-out, and present to your veterinarian.


USCA X RAY Veterinarian Form
USCA X RAY Veterinarian Form