World Universal Sieger Competition

The USA Team has done well in the conformation phase of the competition in Slovenia. The trial portion of the competition was completed on Saturday and Sunday. The combined USA team had a strong showing withe Erin O’Shea and Zambo taking first place. USCA’s Kevin Nance and Katharina Oster placed fifth and seventh respectively. Thom Payne and Zastin were the third place team in the working phase. Kris Taylor and Gordon placed eighth in the working phase.

2012 World Universal Sieger Team

This year’s USCA Universal Seiger Team (shown below from left to right):
Vandal vom Mittelwest with Kevin Nance, Crok vonder Mordersdell with Katharina Oster, Zastin Eqidius with Thom Payne, Gordon vom Fuchsgraben with Kris Taylor

Final Results


#1 — Erin O’Shea & Zambo vom Riedschlurgi
#5 — Katharina Oster & Crok von der Mordersdell
#7 — Kevin Nance & Vandal vom Mittelwest
#12 — Thom Payne & Zastin Eqidius
#13 — Kris Taylor & Gordon vom Fuchsgraben


% JoAnn Letcher & Xina vom Arberblick

USCA Team Member in Bold-face type