New USCA Judge

“Arthur Collins, USCA newest Probationary Working Dog Judge!

Please join me in welcoming Arthur Collins into the USCA Judges College as our newest Working Dog Judge. 

Arthur has worked very hard to complete the apprenticeship process for USCA and Im proud to welcome him into the USCA Judges College. Arthur has served USCA in many roles over the years currently as Regional Director and a Teaching Helper. I’m sure that as our newest Working Dog Judge he will continue to promote USCA, the German Shepherd Dog and Working Dog Sport in the United States.

Arthur Collins, USCA Working Dog Judge # 41 is approved to accept trial assignments for USCA Club Level Trials immediately and may award all working titles.

Congratulations Arthur!”

Nathaniel Roque
Director of Judges – United Schutzhund Clubs of America (USCA)
USCA – Working / Performance Dog Judge # 30
USCA / SV – SV Licensed Trial Judge

Arthur Collins