Jim Alloway

Jim Alloway
USCA President

As I wrote in my last email, we have been in negotiations with GSDCA/WDA concerning the acceptance of the GSDCA/WDA scorebooks and members in USCA trials. Negotiations temporarily stalled when information was sent to the WUSV/SV by the WDA that was untrue. USCA has and will continue to strive to always comply with the WUSV Constitution.
The WDA has long wanted to use the services of USCA – our judges, our trials, our helpers, etc. Resistance in the past has been based on a handful of issues, most prominently that WDA is not a WUSV member. USCA has continued to request direct instruction from the WUSV/SV. Until this morning, we have not received that instruction.

This morning’s communication is clear. ( Click here to read the SV Letter) USCA is to accept the scorebooks and titles from any WDA member with any GSDCA/WDA scorebook that enters our USCA club trials.

Our relationship with the SV and membership in the WUSV is an important one. USCA, as a member, bound by the WUSV Constitution, would never willfully violate this Constitution. We have maintained and will continue to maintain relationships with the WUSV/SV based on mutual respect and understanding.
Our objective with this issue has been to gather factual information, provide that information to the membership, and act accordingly. I would like to thank all of you for your patience with regard to this issue and the members of the USCA executive board who have diligently worked in search of honest, clear communication from the WUSV/SV.


Jim Alloway
United Schutzhund Clubs of America