Rulebook Correction

Completion/Disarm Commands

USCA Members,

There has been a correction to the USCA Rule Book effecting the section Completion / Disarm on standard size book on pages 56, 61, 62, 67, 69 and on the Small size book on pages 84, 92, 94, 102, 105.
At no time is the handler allowed to use the command “Platz / Down” in the protection work other than to position the dog for the escape. Use of the command “platz/down” to keep the dog with the helper, during pick up of the dog or any time other than to position for the escape will be cause for Disqualification (DQ).

In the event the dog goes into a down on his own during guarding, on picking up the dog by the handler the dog must come to “basic” position with a “sit / sitz” command. Use of “platz/down” will result in DQ.
Please reprint or make the correction in your copy of the rules.

Thank you

Nathaniel Roque
Director of Judges – United Schutzhund Clubs of America (USCA)
USCA – Working / Performance Dog Judge # 30,
USCA / SV – SV Licensed Trial Judge